Frontgate Fighters

is a hadouken avoider game with fighting game like presentation, retro aesthetic, and a bit of humor. You play as an ordinary security guy at martial arts competition. He has been assigned with a dangerous task to stop two juvenile fighters from fighting each other in front of the gate.

Those two fighters, Mea and Biu use all of their abilities to win the last ticket to the tournament no matter what. You, who can only jump and do weird things must be able to avoid all attacks while convincing them to stop fighting!

update: Psstt, but now we have two more unlockable fighters!


Fighting game-ish presentation

Retro style pixel art, detailed background, and impactful animations.
Frontgate Fighters combines all of those to recapture that old school fighting games experience!

Super Moves

Each fighter has some unique super moves, you have to know how to dodge every special move if you want to survive!
Learn the pattern, watch for the cues, and combine that with your reflexes!



Fact Sheet


stellarNull is an independent game developer started in 2011. We love video games since our childhood, being a game developer makes our love to video games even deeper, we value every elements in video games, from art direction, game design, story, audio, to minor thing like buttonpress animation.

We’ve made wide variety of games from old school SHMUP to dating simulation. Our goal is to deliver unique experience that only we could deliver!


Rico Lemba @ricoLemba
- Director & Programmer

Lazcht @lazcht
- Art Director

- Graphic Artist

- Graphic Artist

clea leshlick @clealeshlick
- Composer & Sound Designer